Employee Volunteering

How do you begin?

Getting started is easy, and you will provide your staff with the support, time, and direction to branch out as a group! As a team you will show that you care about your community and want to make it better.

It can be a onetime effort or an ongoing force and can be as simple as using internal resources to distribute volunteer opportunities or acting as a workforce to tackle a large project in the community. It makes a statement that your company wants to make a difference!

Match your team with our community!

Please complete this online application below so that Volunteer Airdrie can assist you in finding the right volunteer fit for your staff.

Please note that once you have been matched with a volunteer opportunity, Volunteer Airdrie will not be involved with the volunteer project. Your volunteer agreement will be with the agency you have agreed to volunteer for.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: info@volunteerairdrie.ca

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