Employee Volunteering

Is the act of a business or organization to combine their efforts to the betterment of the community in which the employees reside. Businesses can increase overall morale by setting goals, and development of their employees.

A business can use this opportunity to show the community that they care about their employees, the community, and provide a positive impression for the future.

What are the Business Benenfits of Employee Volunteering?

• You’re seen as responsible corporate citizens

• You gain community exposure for your business

• Your staff is seen as caring individuals

• More exposure means more business

• More networking

• Employees want to be connected with a winning group

What are the Benenfits to your team?

• Your staff becomes engaged in the community

• Employees learn new skills including leadership

• Your staff feels good about themselves and where they live

• More recognition for a job well done at work and play

What are the Benenfits to our community?

• The community gets volunteers

• The community gets much needed “shot in the arm”

• Quality of life in the community improves

• Partnerships erupt and the community thrives

• Awareness in the needs of the community

• Community becomes stronger and a better sense of well being

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