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Community resources

Welcoming Syrian Refugees

General resources

VARC - Volunteer Alberta Resource Centre is a comprehensive and easy-to-search resource catalogue

Road to Accountability Handbook - a project of Charity Central, develops resource materials and provides learning opportunities on accountability and transparency practices for registered charities and not-for-profits.

The Board Development Program and the Muttart Foundation produced a series of workbooks. They are distributed with the assistance of the VARC at Volunteer Alberta and Propellus (formerly Volunteer Calgary).

Board Governance E-Learning Resource

How to Keep Friends and Influence Meetings E-Learning Resource

The Board Development Program publishes information bulletins on a variety of board-related issues. Visit http://culture.alberta.ca/bdp to download all the info for free.

Tools for engaging youth in volunteering

Volunteer Canada has created several tools to help organizations engage youth volunteers. Click on the publications below to learn more.

Building Blocks for Youth Volunteer Engagement

Building the Bridge to Youth Volunteers

Engaging Youth Effectively

Making Room for Young People

10 Ways to Make Your Organization Youth Friendly

Volunteer Connections: New Strategies for Involving Youth


To get involved as a youth volunteer today or if you would like a youth volunteer presentation at your school contact: Volunteer Airdrie

Volunteer Management resources

When I work - FREE Volunteer Scheduling App (When I Work is inviting you to use their app to schedule your volunteers for free - forever!)

Screening Resources


OurSharedResources.com - Many shared documents, forms and templates

Volunteer Recognition

2013 Volunteer Recognition Study

Volunteer Canada - Volunteer Recognition Tool

Energ!ze - Volunteer Recognition Skit Kit

Energ!ze - Things we love about Volunteers

Energ!ze - 77 Ways to recognize Volunteers

Energ!ze - Recognizing Volunteers and Paid Staff

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement to support organizations that engage volunteers. The Code is a framework for involving volunteers in all levels of an organization. This includes volunteers working in leadership, direct service and virtual roles.

We encourage all organizations to think about how they engage volunteers. We can help!

- View the full Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

- The full version gives in-depth explanations of the different parts of the Code. It includes a checklist to help organizations implement recommendations in the document.

- This bilingual booklet gives a summary of the information found in the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.

- Organizations can use this tool to assess their volunteer programs. It’s intended for organizations that have already adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement as well as those that haven’t.

- The goal of this guide is to show organizations ways to be welcoming of new Canadians. Using the guide, organizations can build inclusive volunteer programs.

- This case study is intended to provide an example of how Harbourfront Centre reviewed the Code and set forth a thorough review of each of the organizational standards.


We are committed to strengthening the ability of non-profit organizations. We carefully select the resources provided below to ensure the content is relevant and meaningful to our members and will continue to expand training opportunities in governance and leadership.

Volunteer Alberta Resources

Volunteer Alberta Knowledge Connector

Volunteer Canada Library

Propellus Workshops

Vantage Point - Vancouver, BC

Event Marketing

Promote your upcoming community event within the all new ShawTV Calgary website. Send us the date, time, location and title/description along with website address, contact phone number and/or email address, and we will post your event for everyone to see. Email Us: shawtv.calgary@sjrb.ca

Software donations

Qualified Canadian Nonprofits, Charities and public libraries can choose from a range of donated software applications. Find out more.


StatsCanada Volunteering Survey Report - 2013

Great articles

- How to make your charity a magnet for Volunteers
- 10 things working boards need to know
- Prepare Your Non-Profit Organization to Help Create a Wave of Positive Change

One on One Mentoring

The skilled and talented staff and volunteers at Volunteer Airdrie are available to help guide, mentor, and educate our members to help boost your organizations effectiveness. Through one on one mentoring, training, and member services, we help nonprofit groups evolve and implement best practices.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting