Issues: Care Homes, Responsibilities, Rights

‘What happens to a person is less significant than what happens within him.” -Louise L. Mann


“One person caring about another represents Life greatest value.” -Jim Rohn


“About the only thing that comes without effort is Old Age.” -Unknown


It is a fact of life that we all age as time goes on. Sometimes we are born with certain defects and sometimes during our lifetime, someone gets deficiencies either in the bodies and sometimes the brain malfunctions. So as these issues get worse, a need for someone or someplace is required. Therefore, our Government and some private agencies have built various types of Homes, Care homes for Seniors, Care homes for People with Disabilities. Unfortunately, changes need to be enhanced and strict regulations need to be implemented.

For instance, due diligence is necessary when hiring staff who must be vetted thoroughly, since they will be taking care of vulnerable people who are dependent on them. Trust and capabilities are major factors that should be taken into consideration. The Care Homes should have all the skilled staff and should be able to provide all facilities and amenities for the client. In home medical staff must be available 24 hrs a day. Security, Privacy, cleanliness, Good nutritional meals and the right type of physiotherapy, outings, activities, as prescribed by the doctor. The doctor on duty should supervise the distribution of medicine to the patient, since it has been evident that some nurses have given the patients the wrong and incorrect dosage of medicines, by which method they murdered their patient. This should not be taken lightly.  I believe that at night time the private rooms should be locked and the nurse on duty should have the key. There have been instances when a patient killed another patient that was minding his/her business. Our brains are very complex, till today no one has been able to understand the workings of the brain fully. In these Care Homes, cameras should be installed in every room to ensure that the no one is abused or taken advantage of. This will give the family some relief and create less stress for them.  It is imperative that the Government and everyone else should safeguard these people. Every life is valuable, no price tag can be placed on any Life.

The fee structure should and must be structured so everyone can afford these Care Homes. There have been many instances of abuse, murder neglect etc. have been reported. The Governments should have inspections regularly, at least once a week, which will keep the staff on their toes. The staff, from the top and down should have job appraisals completed often. The Families should be consulted or perhaps be part of the staff evaluation process as well as the patient. These are only some issues that Seniors and People with Disabilities encounter everyday of their lives. Although there are Charter of Rights for all, they are just on paper and not followed by everyone, nor are they implemented. How can these be enforced and implemented?  How can the Families participate and get involved and try to improve? We require inputs from the families, so we can bring the issues to the right departments/persons. The Govt keeps cutting programs and services without consulting the client and their families due to Budget cuts. Are these people not important part of humanity, especially since they are the most vulnerable and are dependents on everyone.

These Special Needs People need activities, such as Socializing, perhaps dinner and dance once a month to start, taking them out to shop or someone to sit and chat, or a sort of companionship program other than their family members, since the family also needs time for themselves and their families and be able to fulfill their own responsibilities. For instance, autistic children/adults have been raped and this happens to all the Special Needs People who are abused as well.

Caregivers –Self Directed Home Care Program, along with the regular Home Care program administered by the government is also offered. Both programs are mostly for the benefit of the govt, and the related medical community to avoid having any negative effect on their budgets. Only, perhaps, one quarter or less, benefits the patient. There are quite often budget cuts which effects the programs and services which the patient is entitled to. For instance, for the Self-Directed Program, the patient is given the full responsibility of hiring, interviewing, advertising with their own funds, payroll, duties and hours to be assigned by the patient as per the govt. ‘s requirements and their manual. An amount is provided by the govt, and the patient determines the rate and hours. As to the Regular Home Care Program, a care giver is sent to the patient‘s place and they just perform some of the personal care, for instance helping with bathroom such as helping with shower or clothing etc. But they are not allowed to either prepare a sandwich or get it out of the fridge and hand it over to the patient or fill up their water jug etc. It also depends on the client’s disability or ability. I don‘t understand how the disabled is supposed to cook or perform regular household duties in their condition. So, a lot of assistance is denied to them in the name of budget cuts. It is unfortunate the govt. has funds for unnecessary matters. There are many other areas that they can perform the cuts, but why the most vulnerable people who are struggling with survival. The employees go to their offices and make cuts so that their budget looks great and they can make a good impression on their bosses and save their jobs at the expense of disabled and Seniors. These programs should be streamlined so that it is a win win for the govt. and the patient. Despite the fact the medical body is made up of doctors, nurses, and administration, who are given the minimum facts about the client, without them meeting the client in person and giving them their ear.

In today’s advanced technological universe, it is sad that there is so much disconnect. We have gone beyond the Space Universe, yet we are unable to provide the programs and services for the Seniors and People with Disabilities for their well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally. Why?

Lets all think about Solutions, and Experience First Hand about the well-being of these People. No price can be placed on Human Life. It is Priceless. Let’s respect it and empower Everyone with Knowledge, Compassion and Understanding.

-Nina Nath


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