Disabilities and Abilities – by Nina Nath

What are Disabilities and Abilities?

Disability is a term used as an umbrella for impairments, diseases, limitations, challenges that able-bodied people do not have or affect their ability to perform easily.

Abilities is a term used for capacity to do or act physically, mentally, morally, financially, competence, talents, special skills, expertness dexterity etc.

An example of someone with ability is Malala, an advocate for education for girls and is the youngest recipient of a Nobel Prize. Other examples are sportsmen, pilots and Mahatma Gandhi, who was a Freedom Father and Founder of India. People with abilities are not discriminated against, have easy access to housing, transportation, society in general. They have no difficulty in moving their body parts, can fit in fashionable clothes, shoes, can get up and go anywhere without assistance, can fly easily without special assistance etc.

Disabilities change the person’s life and turns it inside out and upside down. Disabilities affects the individual as well as their families, emotionally, financially, and can cause many related problems. This has a ripple effect on the individual and society at large. We need assistance in certain areas, special equipment, home care and such.

We love, laugh, cry, hurt, experience sadness, loneliness, friendships, all of the same feelings, desires, ambitions, needs and wants and emotions that able-bodied people experience and more.

Walt Disney, creator of Disneyland, had dyslexia. Stephen Hawking a theoretical physicist, had ALS. Prime Minister of the U.K. Winston Churchill had a lisp. Many other people with disabilities were and are successful. They are often misunderstood, hated, abused, suffer many other unkindness, and diseases. Disabilities are usually not contagious, nor every person that is disabled is mentally challenged. DISABILITY DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. IT CAN COME TO ANYONE AT ANYTIME WITHOUT NOTICE.

But we learn from our disabilities and adapt to new experiences. Many of us are very successful and talented in our fields and keep embracing Life and its many splendors. Many of us do not have friends, because of the common belief that we will become a burden or a nuisance. Most of us are not a burden, in fact we learn to become as independent as our disability allows. Seniors have a lot of wisdom and people with disabilities can share different perspectives and experiences. We also learn from volunteering and meet many wonderful people.

Respect people with disabilities and seniors. Learn from them and teach us how we can help each other. We live on the same planet, EARTH. Enjoy it, learn from each other and live in Peace.


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