Inclusion or Segregation of People with Disabilities and Seniors

Source: Golf Australia

We strongly encourage the Global Community to participate in promoting awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities, as well as seniors. These Special Needs people should not be grouped and housed in a gated community. They would like to be included with the rest of society. This would encourage the participation of everyone, since we all learn from each other.  The younger generation as well would learn tolerance, compassion, understanding and, with this knowledge, people with disabilities and seniors will not feel like outcasts, but instead will be able to impart and share wisdom and other different abilities that they have.

Who would want to live in an environment of sickness like a hospital, or a Long Term Care Centre, or a building that housed only the sick and the disabled? Instead, living in an environment of happiness surrounded by one’s own loving family, community, friends, a natural environment, will produce good health and good will. People with disabilities do become lonesome.  They do not want to be isolated in a community of everyone being disabled or seniors.

So, please, discourage builders from building such housing that isolates and labels people. This is a terrible form of discrimination. The Corporations, Society and the Government employees should be trained to accept these people with disabilities on an equitable basis, since a lot of them maybe in a wheelchair, but their brains are not in a wheelchair. They want to be treated as individuals, based on their unique skills, knowledge and different kind of abilities.

You will see a big change in the lives of these special needs people, as well a big attitudinal change in our Society. In today’s world, we are building communities based on whether residents are a young couple, a family, 50+, seniors, retired, people with disabilities and the list goes on. Why are we allowing this kind of segregation? Due to this, the tolerance level and the understanding of each other as human beings is going downhill.

This applies equally to volunteering and volunteer management.  So much can be contributed by these members of our society if we would only adapt to their special needs.  Organizations like Volunteer Ireland have done so much in promoting Inclusion in Volunteering and we recommend all volunteer organizations, their Boards of Directors and Volunteer Managers to read their 2013 reports “Inclusive Volunteering” and “Volunteering as a Tool for Inclusion – Good Examples”.

We need to put a stop to segregation and welcome Inclusion into our World.

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