The Value of a Smile


A number of years ago I was one of three people being interviewed for a job. All three of us were qualified. Only one of us smiled during the interview. When I was offered the job, my future supervisor was very honest about why I came out ahead of the other two candidates – I smiled. Although this happened many years ago, I still remember it vividly. That was the day I realized that a smile can get me through anything.

A smile says a lot of things – hi, welcome and I’m happy to see you. It is reassuring. It can change a person’s day for the better. Technically speaking, a smile activates the part of the brain that registers happiness. A genuine smile can literally make you happy.

As we engage volunteers and create recognition plans, how often do we include the simple act of a smile? If a smile can make someone happy, then shouldn’t it be at the top of the list when thanking volunteers? Making a point of smiling when a volunteer arrives, as we walk by or say goodbye can have a huge impact on the happiness of the volunteers and as a bonus, makes us happier too.

How often do you smile?

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