Always follow your dream and Dream Out Loud so your dreams come true too.


As parents we spend many moments imagining what our kids will grow up to be. I want to tell you a story about a mom who has really taken supporting her children’s dream to a whole new level. Meet Nancy McPhee and her son Stephen.

Stephen’s dream… “I want no kids to be on the street and every kid to have their own bed and grass to run on and toys to play with.”

This dream has truly turned into an incredible reality called Stephen’s Backpack. I wanted to share the answer to a question from their website FAQ. What would you say to parents interested in getting into family volunteering?

“My tip is really quite simple.  I think in today’s world when it’s so busy and we all have so many things to do and there are so many schedules to meet and lessons to take kids to and everything, I think one of the greatest lessons you can give your child is to reach out to others.  And it doesn’t matter whether it’s helping the homeless, or helping the food bank or reaching out to a humane society, it doesn’t matter what you volunteer as, but listen to the hearts of your children, because they will tell you what’s important to them. And I think two things happen; the world benefits and becomes a better place because you are all volunteering as a family, you become closer, but more importantly your children develop a very rich character.”

At Volunteer Airdrie we applaud the amazing ideas coming from our youth and the adults in their lives who inspire and empower them that you really can make a difference.

Please help Stephen help homeless kids that don’t have stuff that we have. He knows that you have a dream too. “Always follow your dream and Dream Out Loud so your dreams come true too.”

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