The family who volunteers together…

When thinking about how to start our “Family Fridays” blog, I found myself looking back on those memorable moments of being a mom. You know the ones that make me smile, cry and proud. What I realized was that many of them happened while giving to our community. Isn’t it funny how something that started out as something fun we could do together can turn into a childhood of memories.

friday_01One of the first times we took our kids to volunteer was at a bbq fundraiser for Brown Bagging for Calgary’ kids. Our son was 10 years old, the day started out with him shyly helping to collect donations. But shortly after, we saw him coming out of his shell, he had became the best seller at the event. That day our son learned about the power of sharing a story. His enthusiasm to let no kid go without a lunch helped us surpass our goal of $1250 raising over $1700 and feeding over 1700 kids.

Now that my “kids” are almost grown up, I have found that the true power of family volunteering is seeing your kids take the spirit you started with and run with it on their own.

I look forward sharing stories of families in our community each week. We’d love to share your story too, it’s easy, just visit our website.


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